Wellcome to Finca Allende


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"It is the terroir and
only the terroir that bestows
on a wine its magic and grandeur."Miguel Ángel de Gregorio


When he arrived in Briones, Miguel Ángel de Gregorio discovered a unique terroir, a terroir that enabled him to make the wines he had always dreamed about. Little by little, the soil began to reveal its own special features and Miguel Ángel started interpreting them until he reached a point of mutual understanding that is a key part of the success of the wines from Finca Allende.

Situated in Briones, in the north-west end of La Rioja Alta, the Finca Allende vineyards are located on hills facing north, north-east and north-west that are caressed and enhanced by winds from the Atlantic Ocean. The singularities of its terroir, orientation, climate and the different continental, Mediterranean and Atlantic influences combine to enable the growth of a supreme grape that manifests its potential in most excellent fashion in Allende wine.